Aluula kites | Test and Reviews

Aluula Material Test Data

Test and review Aluula from Kitemagazin.

There are some inaccuracies in the video:

  1. comparison of the weight of different kites in a backpack
  2. at the time of restarting the kite from the water there were 10 knots

The author of the video answered some questions in the comments, but there is nothing special there. The main info in the video.


Testing Aluula by pro waverider!

Main impressions:

  1. The kite reacts very clearly to the movement of the bar, as the kite is very stiffnes
  2. Kite almost don't fall when you drift.

Ocean Rodeo "Aluula" Roam Review  by Real Watersports.

How is it good for surfing, hydrofoil and is it hype or worth it ?