Ocean Rodeo Brand


On Vancouver Island, Canada we’re far from a tropical paradise. Our island creates the perfect testing grounds to develop equipment for extreme marine conditions. Strong winds meeting cold waters on a remote, rocky, log strewn coastline is what we call home.

It’s our playground and we love it this way and it’s these unwelcoming conditions that drive Ocean Rodeo’s innovation. Whether you’re a recreational enthusiast or a professional mariner, you can rest assured that when the conditions slide unexpectedly into the extreme, we will have you covered.


Ocean Rodeo’s founder, Richard Myerscough and his lifelong friend, Ross Harrington grew up first and foremost as avid adventurists. The two were active in the formative years of windsurfing, cold water surfing, kiteboarding and SUP. Never tiring or stopping to be active in the sport, and to this day proud to be riders, not investors.

Self taught and making early models of all their equipment in the 70’s and 80’s, Richard and Ross learned the hard way that good enough was never, good enough and bring their creative and innovative outlook to every new project Ocean Rodeo sets into motion.

Richard Myerscough – Founder

As a pre-teen, Richard competed in both sailing and windsurfing but shifted his focus entirely to windsurfing by the age of 13. The result was several world titles, a Pan Am Games medal and the honour to race for Canada at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea.

Sponsorships and the tradeshows and promotional events that come along with them introduced Richard to the business side of sport and by age 23, retired from competitive windsurfing, Richard began his career in the wetsuit & drysuit industry. First with Scubapro Canada and then, in 1992 co-founding Whites Manufacturing Ltd, resurrecting the iconic Whites diving brand with a new focus on drysuit innovation for sport, commercial marine & survival and military applications. By 2009, Whites was a global leader in dive and military drysuits and, as a result of this success, was acquired by The Aqualung Group in 2010.

Richard founded Ocean Rodeo in 2001 as an offshoot of Whites for the then new sport of kiteboarding with an early focus on surface watersport drysuits. Expanding in 2002 to involve Ross Harrington and the introduction of kites, boards and, kite bars.

Table top jump (1986)

Richard Myerscough at the Olympics (1988)

Still going strong, boosting with the new Stick shift back line trim bar. (2017)



While the company has grown significantly from the early days of 2001, it’s commitment to performance, safety and innovation has never wavered. 15 years later, Richard and Ross are still fully immersed in the design and development of all Ocean Rodeo products but are now surrounded by a community like no other. They are proud that those who chose Ocean Rodeo are those with the same ambitions, and determination to explore the world as they did. A community of many, Ocean Rodeo stands beside our supporters and not over them. Providing comfort that our product changes and growth comes from the experience of the explorer.

Both our drysuits and kite equipment have evolved tremendously over the years. More recently the comfort and advanced function of our drysuits has led to us to exciting new markets like surfing, SUP, sailing and commercial marine / cold water survival.

We design, build, test, redesign, retest, rethink every product to eliminate many risks while giving the most enjoyable and performance oriented wind and water experience. Thank you for putting your trust in us and enabling us to continue to pursue our passions.