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ALUULA, an ultra-light and strong composite material that not only improves light wind performance but also increases stability in all conditions. This makes ALUULA kites more efficient than a standard one because it performs better in every way including speed through the air, turning speed, and its ability to handle turbulent winds or low-winds situations.

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ALUULA FLITE A-Series Kite 2022

2.799,00 3.399,00 

Forget compromise. The Aluula Flite A-Series Kite is a 3-strut kite that is highly responsive yet lighter than current no-strut kites, providing …

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ALUULA Rise A-Series Kite 2022

2.299,00 2.949,00 

Rise A-Series HIGH PERFORMANCE  BIG AIR  / EXTREME FREERIDE A big air legend is born From our partnership with ALUULA Composites comes …

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ALUULA ROAM A-Series Kite 2022

1.999,00 3.099,00 

FREERIDE KITE / WAVE / MEGALOOP / FOIL BOARD /  Inspiring trust and confidence in all conditions. The ALUULA Roam A-Series kite …

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