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DUKE Kiteboard | Ocean Rodeo


The first version of Duke blew the doors off our expectations and those of our customers. Launched in 2015, the Mako Duke …

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JESTER Kiteboard | Ocean Rodeo


JESTER The Ultimate Trickster The Jester joins the Duke as the trickster of the court, rounding out the world’s first line of …

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MAKO Kiteboard | Ocean Rodeo


The most revered, longest-selling kiteboard in history now rides on air.  For 15 years the Mako has enjoyed the reputation as kiteboarding’s …

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ORIGIN Kiteboard | Ocean Rodeo


THE START OF SOMETHING GOOD … The Origin Kiteboard is an agile, practical twinny built around a superior shape with swept 33cm …

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SMOOTHY Kiteboard | Ocean Rodeo


The Smoothy Kiteboard was built with everything we learned from nearly two decades of twintip design and freeride skills. It’s a freeride …

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Tumbler Kiteboard I Ocean Rodeo

Featuring a smooth and deep single concave in the mid-section that fades into uplifted beveled rails, the Tumbler’s bottom shape and rocker …


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