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SMOOTHY Kiteboard | Ocean Rodeo


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The Smoothy Kiteboard was built with everything we learned from nearly two decades of twintip design and freeride skills. It’s a freeride twin tip like no other. 

A deep, double concave base rides through the chop for a tough carving freeride experience, while the tapered flat rails and biaxially designed flex provide a responsive flex for the freestyle performance of Load’n’Pop.

Ideal for riders who want to develop further in freestyle and still want to enjoy the typical coastal blow if you are not lucky enough to glide over a shallow butter lagoon.

For a moment, imagine that you are snowboarding and you have just broken off-piste and hit powder, the noise feels calmed and everything is smooth and less aggressive. Welcome to the world of smoothy.
Kite World Magazine
Issue 98, Board Test, Cape Town 2019

Available in six sizes, each with a unique taste.

Sizes: 145 x 45/142 x 43/139 x 42/136 x 41/133 x 40/130 x 39


Ocean Rodeo offers an unconditional, 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on every product we sell. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it to your original point of purchase for a full refund within the first 60 days.

This offer is valid only with participating retailers, current season products, and is offered only to the original purchaser. For orders placed online, your refund will not include shipping charges, though almost everything bought online ships for free within NA and Europe.

This offer is also only valid for non-professional users. If your company or organization is considering Ocean Rodeo equipment for your fleet or school, get in touch with us to talk about how we support professional buyers and their clients.

This isn’t a demo program! Customers found to repeatedly take advantage of this offer will be disqualified from further returns. If you simply want to demo some gear, get in touch with your local retailer and they will gladly get you out on the water to try before you buy.



With biaxial fiberglass, the flex of the board and subsequent layers provide the flex that the board can use to perform and not be unpredictable for your actions.

Unidirectional fiberglass provides uncompromising durability to maintain the shape of the board even after the roughest, wildest sessions. Rest assured that with the board and your smile, you will get the most out of your time on the water.

Equipped with   X Torsion carbon reinforcement, the smoothy allows creating a twist so that stays through the toe and heel side for a smooth ride.

The paulownia wood core creates a lightweight design and is flexible.  When provided with a  parking base, it provides durability on rails, ramps, and rocky banks. This combination of flex and twist makes the Smoothy a board that lives up to its name.

ABS insert plates reinforced with fiberglass   sit on a flat platform, so this board is optimized for both boots and pads/straps

A   profiled ABS tuck rail gives you some play in the middle of the board and gives you the option to load some pop onto the board if you wish. The Smoothy was designed to be a fun first and experience-based board. It’s designed to do just a little bit of everything while having the durability to withstand it.

The Smoothy is built with a  double concave in tandem with precision-made contouring and perimeter flat rails. This combined with a medium rocker allows the board to give some pop for jumping with the comfort of letting that double concave lock you back into the water.


The Smoothy is built with a double concave in tandem with precision-made contouring and perimeter flat rails. This combined with a medium rocker allows the board to give some pop for jumping with the comfort of letting that double concave lock you back into the water.


Each Smoothy board includes our Bliss air pads and straps.

Easily adjusted on the water, the Bliss Air pads & straps are designed to work with all Ocean Rodeo and most other brand’s twin tip kiteboards.

The Bliss Air Pad & Strap System offers extremely durable and comfortable double-density EVA foam pads and almost limitless options for strap configuration, giving your feet the perfect balance between comfort and control while riding.

NUT 155 fins

Carve harder, go faster, stay in control.

The Groove 155 is made of high quality, durable polycarbonate and has a precisely shaped groove that runs lengthways along with the film and diverts air pockets before they reach the tip of the fin.

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130 x 39, 133 x 40, 136 x 41, 139 x 42, 142 x 43, 145 x 45


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